Anxiety and mental health issues have been a growing problem among humans in the modern age. One novel treatment has been the use of therapy dogs and there’s been numerous success stories of four-legged heroes helping people alleviate stress and depression. At the same time however our dogs might be suffering from similar concerns. One pet insurer in the UK saw a sixfold increase in the number of mental health claims in just three years.

Dogs and humans have surprisingly similar neurological processes and so its perhaps understandable that we see dogs experiencing similar mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Fortunately, that means that a lot of the ways in which we support humans with mental health problems – for example doing exercise and using natural calming herbs – can be used to help dogs too.

We’ve put together all the current thinking on anxiety in dogs and treatments to give you the best guide to managing anxiety for your dog naturally. As with any medical problem, if your dog shows signs of anxiety get advice and help from your veterinarian or a veterinary behavioural specialist.

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