May 28, 2018

Hypoallergenic dog food – great dog foods for allergies in 2020

Dogs love a good scratch but sometimes persistent scratching can be a sign of a problem. Skin allergies are a growing problem and can cause dogs considerable discomfort for both dogs and their owners. Hypoallergenic dog foods like Balanced Life can help support recovery from skin allergies naturally. Find out more below about how to spot allergies and our 4 steps for tackling them.

How to tell if your dog has a skin allergy

The classic sign of a skin allergy is an itchy dog – persistent scratching and inflamed areas on paws, ears and bellies are all common and can sometimes be accompanied by runny eyes, sneezing, vomiting and diarrhoea. It’s important to determine what the cause of the allergic reaction is. Often it will be due to fleas, environmental allergens (like pollen or plants) or food allergies. If your dog is showing persistent signs of an allergy then the best course of action is to call or visit a vet. Allergy testing or elimination diets can help isolate the cause of the allergic reaction which is the first step to tackling the problem.

Hypoallergenic food and how it helps tackle skin allergies

Some hypoallergenic dog foods simply tackle potential food allergies by limiting the number of ingredients in the food, using ingredients that dogs do not commonly have reactions to (e.g. grain) or by tailoring the diet for each individual dog (to avoid allergens specific to that dog).

We believe a true hypoallergenic dog food should do much more than that – supporting overall gut health and immunity to actually reduce allergic responses and boost immunity. Balanced Life helps fight allergies on four fronts:

Limits potential allergens in the food – all Balanced Life recipes contain all-natural ingredients, are grain and gluten free and single species – that means we don’t mix meat sources which limits the potential for allergic reactions.

Protects the skin – our food and treats are naturally high in Omega oils which help the skin to function as a waterproof and antibacterial layer blocking potential allergens.

Fights inflammation – Omega oils and antioxidants act as anti-inflammatories reducing allergic reactions and helping control itching. As well as being naturally high in Omega oils, our food also contains rich sources of antioxidants like alfalfa and cranberries.

Boosts gut health – the trillions of organisms that line the gut are shown to have a big effect on health and the immune system. Our food is high in protein, low in carbs and minimally processed which has been shown to help build a large and diverse gut microbiome. We also contain natural prebiotics like flax seed, kelp and chicory root which help fuel probiotics in your dogs’ gut.

Feed a raw or air dried raw diet

All our food and treats are minimally processed, use single species proteins (so avoid mixing different meats), are high in protein and low in carbs and are naturally high in nutrients, prebiotics and omega oils. All of which will help support your dog’s immunity. Our Balanced Life Rehydrate Kangaroo or Salmon Recipes in particular are unique proteins with low incidences of allergic reactions among dogs.

Supplement with probiotics

Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria which help improve food digestion and impact an ever-expanding number of processes in the body from gut-brain communication to immune health. A teaspoon of kombucha or kefir can add a really powerful gut-booster to your dog’s bowl. Prebiotics in our foods act as targeted fuel for those probiotics too.

Supplement with omega oils

​Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids are a powerful tool in helping block allergens and reduce inflammation. Salmon, krill and fish oils are all great natural supplements full of Omega Oils. Add some to their Balanced Life according to instructions on the supplement.

Avoid chemical shampoos

Regularly washing an itchy dog with shampoo sounds like a good thing to do but often chemicals in shampoos can strip the skin and hairs of their natural barriers and worsen allergies. We recommend washing with water only or a natural shampoo.

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