August 5, 2020

How to check your dog’s dental health

It’s Dental Health Week this week, and while you’re checking out your own teeth it’s also a good time to take a closer peek inside your dog’s mouth too.

Here’s what to look out for

Colour of the teeth

Lift up your dog’s lips to take a look at either side of their mouth, particularly at the back. Yellow or brown teeth usually means plaque which will most likely need to be removed by the vet.

Sore gums

80% of dogs have gum disease in some form by the age of 3. Red, swollen or bleeding gums can be signs of gum disease (as can bad breath that smells like rotten eggs). If you see this give your vet a call.

Other oral problems

Take a look inside your dog’s mouth by hooking your fingers behind their canines and pushing the mouth open. Remove any little sticks or objects caught in their teeth or on the roof of the mouth. If you notice any broken teeth or strange lumps on the gums give your vet a call.

Natural Treats & Chews to help clean teeth

The most effective way to clean your dog’s teeth is with a toothbrush, but tough treats can help too.

Here’s 4 of our natural Treats & Chews that are particularly tough and can help keep clean your canine’s canines (and their molars and incisors too)



Long-lasting, teeth-cleaning, Aussie lamb treats…




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BEEF HOOF with Kangaroo Stuffing

A tough exterior with a delicious kangaroo filling…




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