April 10, 2019

How to celebrate your dog’s birthday in the best possible way

Dogs don’t remember time in quite the same way we do, they’re completely unaware of the Gregorian calendar and lots of dog owners don’t know their true dog’s birthday (the 1st August is often used for rescue and shelter dogs).

However, that’s no reason not to celebrate their birthday like it’s the greatest day on earth. We’ve put together some suggestions on how to make it an unforgettable day below. And while you’re at it why not find out your dog’s equivalent age in human years.

Take the day off work

Your dog loves you – it’s a scientific fact – and if you’re out all day working they will obviously miss you too. So why not take the day off work and give them the best present of all – a full day of your wonderful presence. Some companies have even started offering pet leave.

Make a healthy, birthday ‘cake’ for your dog or give them some healthy treats

It’s not a birthday unless there’s cake but cake generally is not healthy for dogs – dairy can lead to upset stomachs, chocolate is toxic and flour and high volumes of sugar are nutritionally poor for dogs. Opt for making a healthy birthday ‘cake’ instead or even give them some healthy treats.

Take them on an adventure

Take your dog to their favourite park, treat them to a new destination like a trip to the seaside or even take them to a dedicated doggy play centre. Our readers suggested a few of their favourite parks and beaches around Australia

Pamper them

A good grooming can help your dog maintain a healthy coat, feet and skin and leave them feeling a million bucks. You could even swing by your local pet store on the way back and let them pick out a toy or treat of their choosing! Or for absolutely free a heavy dose of belly rubs and hugs will be just as well received.

Throw a party with all their friends

While attending a human’s party can mean having to talk to a relative you don’t like or suffering a hangover the following day, attending a dog’s party is nothing but good, healthy fun. Invite their closest pals to a park one weekend morning and let them run off leash while you enjoy a coffee with the adults. You could even crash a Facebook event or meetup that’s planned in your area.

Commemorate the day with some great pics

Dogs sadly don’t get to enjoy as many birthdays as humans (unless you celebrate with them four to seven times every year) so make sure you get some snaps to remember the day. You could consider recreating the same photo every year (particularly if you’ve a puppy), hiring a specialist dog photographer or even record every day of their lives and watch the highlights on their birthday.

How to celebrate your dog’s birthday in the best possible way - Balanced Life