80% meat protein content
. Dogs are primarily carnivores and genetically designed to consume meat, preferably raw.  It’s the best food for them, providing the necessary energy, fats and amino acids. Rehydrate is made up of air dried raw meat protein, not the rubbish either. Rehydrate is a calculated balance of organs, bones and muscle meat, mimicking what a dog would eat in the wild. Each bag is a single species meat protein. Chicken, Lamb, Salmon and Kangaroo. Perfect for dogs with allergies.

The superfoods.

20% of balanced LiFE rehydrate recipe is made from superfoods, fruits and vegetables.
Alfalfa; to support healthy digestion,
Cranberries; an excellent source of antioxidants,
Kelp; aiding in tissue repair &
Coconut; one of natures best sources of powerful fatty acids.


Adding water to reconstitute the dry mix.
We know dogs prefer moist diets. Moisture assists gut acidity killing nasty pathogens and promotes probiotic growth in the pets’ bowel. Probiotic growth helps absorb nutrients and boost the immune system. Adding more water for a slurpy yummy soup or less to form a chunky textured stew, its up to you and what your dog instinctively prefers. More or less water or anything in between; your dog is getting more fluids, whilst loving the taste.


There is no more convenient way to feed your dog the benefits of a raw meat protein diet.  No more home prepping, no more freezing and thawing raw meats, no more ensuring you’ve added sufficient supplements, no more adding to the shopping list and losing freezer and fridge space.  Its all included in an easy carry, easy pantry store, resealable bag with an incredible 24 month shelf life.

There are many more reasons for feeding your dog balanced LiFE rehydrate.

Reducing the risk of Canine lower urinary tract disease (CLUTD)
Reducing the risk of obesity; increasing life expectancy &
Increasing your dogs water intake.

Balanced LiFE rehydrate is one of the most innovative pet food products on the market. Combining all the health benefits of raw meat protein feeding into a dry, easy to store and excellent value for money package ensures you can feed the best at home and whilst away.

Available in 4 inspiring single animal recipes:

Sustainable & ethically sourced.
Very low in fat.
Rich in iron & zinc; high in B vitamins especially B12
Free range and organic.

Grain feed, pasture raised from south east Australia.
Sourced exclusively from human grade suppliers.
Rich in selenium & zinc.
Natural occurring minerals.
Dogs cannot resist the taste.

Sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmania from a second generation Australian owned farming family.
Rich in powerful Omega 3’s
Ethically certified.
Excellent way to add variety to your dogs food.

Ethically sourced from Australian farming families.
No added hormone or growth stimulants.
Human consumption grade.
Very high in protein.
Excellent for dogs with allergies.

Try today.  Balanced LiFE rehydrate comes with a 100% taste guarantee.