Australian Cattle Dog


Both breeds are working dogs.  Employed by stock farmers their primary function is herding and droving and they love it.  These breeds love to work, are born to work and thrive on work.  We could do with a few politicians having a bit of cattle dog or kelpie in them.  They have many similar characteristics and we’ve pointed out a few.

The Kelpie and the Cattle Dog are both considered purebred animals.

Both breeds cost about the same to buy between $500 – $700.

Both breeds tend be around the same height between 43-51cm.

Both require minimal grooming.

Both breeds are considered easy to train.

Both are considered playful breeds.

Both are considered in the average spectrum for affection and social interaction.

Neither breed are big barkers however they both make outstanding guardians and watchdogs.

Both are considered intelligent; the Australian Cattle Dog is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Both are wandering types.

Both are very child friendly, not so stranger, cat or other dog friendly.

Another interesting fact is neither breed is fond of boats?

Both breeds are high energy and require maximum exercise.

Both breeds don’t require a huge amount of sleep and sit in the medium barometer of stinkiness.

The Australian Cattle Dog is recognised by the American Kennel Club as a herding breed however the Kelpie hasn’t been inducted as yet.

Both breeds are recognised by the FCI “Federation Cynologique Internationale” in the sheepdogs and cattle dogs (Except Swiss cattle dogs) group.

Both love the water and are excellent swimmers.

There are stories a plenty of these faithful breeds scattered about our farming communities.
Tales of heroism, humour and extraordinary character. At balanced LiFE; dog is family and the Kelpie and Australian Cattle Dog protect the family, work for the family and love the family.

Which breed is better?
An impossible question to answer.  Both are bred for farm life.  When you reside off the land these dogs require owners who will work them and provide a serious amount of play time.  Taking them for a gentle walk won’t sustain their desires. Owners will advocate the Kelpie and Australian Cattle Dog as excellent household pets, a truism hard to argue; however these same owners will advise a home where the pet has plenty of opportunity to nurture its desire to run, problem solve, herd and work.

Old time sheep farmers will tell you that the Australian wool and lamb industry would never have been the great Australian story without the Cattle dog and Kelpie.

We tip our hat to these two outstanding breeds, as recognisible in Aussie culture as Don Bradman, the Sydney Opera House and Uluru.