Choosing dry food for our dogs is a minefield.  Price, knowledge of the brand, reviews, recommendations and where we buy our pet food, contribute to what we choose to feed our best mates.

If that’s not confusing enough; there’s so many brands persuading you of why their food is worth your money.

“what I feed my dogs they eat and thier poos are nice and firm; so why should I change?”   Fair enough! It is a great question and at Balanced Life; we too are persuading you to buy our pet food products. We know our foods are the very best and we want you to know why.  We want to convert you and your pet to our diet, we want you to continue to buy our foods and recommend our foods simply because your dogs do so well, are in tip top shape, have a healthy gut and look better than ever, when fed a diet of Balanced Life.

A great way to start with Balanced Life suite of foods is Balanced Life Enhanced. A familiar, easy and convenient kibble with a big difference.

Enhanced has something very special that no other dry dog food has.  Air Dried Raw Meat Protein pieces. Yep; it’s a meat injected kibble along with raw meat protein pieces that have been gently air dried and added to the bag. Not only is this extra palatable the added air-dried raw meat protein increases the meat content to 55-60% of what you’re buying. That’s why it’s called Enhanced.  The highest quality kibble; enhanced with nutritious and delicious air-dried raw meat protein.

Dry dog food does not get any better.

Dogs are carnivores by nature and raw meat protein is an exceptional additive to any dogs’ diet.  Being air dried all the nutrients are locked in and the food is now super palatable and extra healthy.

Why is Balanced Life Enhanced “Super Premium”?

Calling your product super premium illustrates a level of quality process and ingredient profile that other foods cannot match.  Secondly a super-premium food has been developed by qualified food and animal scientists committed to the highest levels of nutrition.
By adding air dried raw meat protein; the dogs of Australia are now feeding on a blend of raw protein, balanced with superfoods such as kelp, cranberries, coconut and alfalfa in a familiar and tasty dry food.

Balanced Life Enhanced is suitable for all breeds at all life stages and the only kibble of its kind in Australia.

When considering a dry food for your pet; apart from researching the food; committed pet owners should explore the company making the food; their track record and their attention to quality control.

The maker of Balanced Life is a second generation Australian and family owned business. A traditional farming family. The raw meat protein; kangaroo, salmon and chicken are ethically and sustainably sourced from other trusted Australian farming families.

Located on the banks of The Murray River in the eastern Riverina district of southern New South Wales; Balanced Life facilities and quality processes are certified to the highest standards SQF 8.1 and the cherry on top is the unbridled commitment to best environmental practice. Balanced life uses the worlds’ largest solar thermal cell to power its air-drying kitchens, a patented hydro chilling system ensures fresh product from paddock to bowl and a water recycling regime nourishes neighbouring family farms.

Every recipe is developed for the welfare of pets, people and the planet.  Balanced Life never compromise on quality, sustainability or trust.

These are just few reasons why we ask you to try our balanced life enhanced foods for your dog. It is a new product and like anything new taking a leap of faith is needed.  We believe so much in the product that we support it with a 100% taste guarantee.  If your dog does not like balanced life enhanced; just return the bag to your place of purchase for a full; no questions asked refund.
Your dogs will feel great and you’ll love the fact your supporting an Australian owned; family owned product that believes in the welfare of pets, people and the planet.


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