March 25, 2020

At home with the kids, work and pets.

We don’t have the answers only the empathy.  What we do know is you must stay at home and mitigate the risk of spreading or indeed becoming infected with COVID-19.

For many people including a large portion of the balanced LiFE team, working from home is the new norm. The office kitchenette once considered the spontaneous problem-solving room has gone.  Alternative thinking seeping from our colleagues that set us on a different path; one that generally worked out better no longer at our fingertips. The routine of seeing others, many we’re close too, cut off in the blink of an eye. These are not small things.

We thought it timely to reach out to a few members of our team who are experienced work from home folks and also reach out to our broader community for further insights and ideas.

Here’s a few ideas for working from home:

Have a daily checklist.  Needs V Wants.  Tick off the needs first then work on the wants.  As you become more accustomed to the routine; you’ll find you have time for the wants.
Stay connected to your team.  Skype, zoom and other programs that allow for video conferencing cannot be underestimated.  Use this technology to reach out, discuss ideas and plan the week. The simple act of seeing colleagues faces, connecting with their ideas and thoughts is invaluable.
Don’t think you can sit and work for hours on end its unrealistic.  Start gradually, an hour then a break, another hour then a break.  During the break do something physical.  Take your pet for a walk, water part of your garden, put a load of washing on, change a blown light globe; anything that gets you out of your chair, doing something positive.
Don’t procrastinate.  When working on a problem, a sale, a media piece, a meeting note, you can and will begin to see too many roadblocks.  Make decisions in real time you can always review it later.
Never turn on the telly.  Well, not during work time. 

One of our team members has spent many years working from home with school aged children. He says. “The one constant I’ve always had is the family dog.  Her life very similar to mine.  Crazy mornings, periods of calm during the day when it was just her and I. Our regular daily walk which I looked forward to each afternoon and then chaos again as the hordes trundled home with that single-minded award that only teenagers can have.  During school holiday our dog was a saviour.  She lavished the extra attention, the additional outings and all-round activity.  I must admit I did have pangs of jealously when she’d ditch me for playtime with the girls, however without her the days wouldn’t have gone as well as they did.  Naturally back then the kids could go out and be with their friends, now this is not possible. They can still take the dog out, keeping the tenants of social distancing but their lives are much different. All I can say is how lucky we are to have our dog and the part she plays is a bright light in a complex time.  This is all new territory and reaching out to our community for ideas with all aged kids is a must.  What to do? Please tell.”

With many of us now working from home, our kids at home and our pets, we have a new landscape to navigate. It may well become a time of great creativity, a time when living together in close quarters, will see new levels of goodwill, empathy and understanding. We need to reinvent the past in many ways. Our parents and theirs lived through times of great hardship, and simply got on with it.  Now it’s our turn to simply get on with it, protect ourselves, our loved ones, spend quality time with our pets and ensure we make it out of this as best as possible. It is also a time when we can lean on others for their ideas and strategies; what works, what needs finetuning and how to make lemonade out of lemons. At balanced LiFE we want to share your ideas for managing work, family and pets all at home during this crisis.

Nobody has all the answers, but a problem shared is a problem halved. Visit our facebook page and share your ideas.

Stay safe, follow the advice, keep your distance and stay connected.

We thank you for your ongoing support and trust you, your family and your pets are staying well.

balanced LiFE continue to create the best foods and treats for the pets of Australia. 


At home with the kids, work and pets. - Balanced Life